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Immortal Souls

You have been talking a lot lately about the immortality of your soul and we would affirm that you’ve come from oneness and you will return to oneness. When you return, you will bring back perfection with you. You return when you have learnt all there is to learn and you bring back immenseness that enriches the total. The total needs to grow and to become greater. The vibrations have to increase in intensity. That is why we are trying to bring across the message of how important it is to help each other. The aim of the Universe is to grow in immensity and to do this we must increase the intensity and level of vibrations. We need as many as possible to raise their vibrations.

The whole Universe is one and not separate as in a spirit world and an Earth world. We are but one. Compare it to being in your sleep wear at home and being dressed in a suit for work. You are the same person. You are just wearing different clothing for doing different things. At the end of the day you will come home and get back into your pyjamas. You are a spirit whether you are in a human body or you are travelling unencumbered in just your spirit energy.

We emphasise the sameness as we want you to stop thinking of yourselves as different from spirit or each other. You have come to Earth to grow and develop because it is important to all of us whether we be free roaming or in Earth bodies, to grow and raise our vibrations. When we do this, we lift the whole Universe a little. The more spirits that can raise the vibrations, the greater the total or oneness becomes, which is our aim. This is why we are so willing to help any on Earth or in just spirit form whenever they allow us. It is for everyone’s benefit that we grow as when someone raises their vibrations, it raises us all. When we have many lifting themselves, it makes a great difference.

Share your knowledge and gifts with others. Encourage people to be positive. The more you help others lift their vibrations, the more you will help yourself. You come from the one source. You will return to the same source. You are just divided for the purpose of learning. Try to learn more. This doesn’t necessarily mean studying or taking courses, although that could be of benefit. Life is the greatest educator. Take time to think about what is good and what is detrimental.

Try to do what you think is right. Not everyone will agree on what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes it is just subjective and at other times it is experience which sets our beliefs. It is not so important. What is important is that you think about it and make the effort to do what you believe is right. Listen to many, but make your own decisions. We need differences the world to make the balance. We can’t have everything moving in the same direction at once. We need ebbs and flows and eventually, hopefully, the tide will slowly move higher and higher.

Balance is the secret of the world and we must each find the balance that is right for ourselves for where we are at this time.


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